Roaring 20s: How Hospitality Leaders are Building Profitable Recovery Strategies

Hoteliers have been adapting their strategies throughout the COVID-19 crisis to capture demand, from both old and new opportunities. But one thing is clear as the industry heads into a new year with an end to the pandemic in sight: Things are not going back to the way they once were. The cliche “new normal” is the new reality, and that means hoteliers can’t rely on pre-pandemic strategies. Those will no longer apply, especially in a world that has heavily pivoted to digital.

Travel will come roaring back any day now, and pent-up demand will be unleashed on the industry. That’s a good thing — but how do you ensure you capture your piece of the pie? A winning strategy doesn’t live within a wish for the “return to normal.” Smart hoteliers will look to the opportunities that remain: the strongest employees, who have weathered the storm, remain in all levels of hotel businesses from the property level, to management companies, to asset management to ownership.

The hotel industry is starting over in many ways. How will you? We’re adapting to new types of demand and customer behavior by putting new operating strategies in place, particularly when it comes to sales & marketing and revenue management. Starting now and moving forward, hoteliers must rely on data and technology to help automate tasks so your reduced staff can do more with less. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to do just that.

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