A Clean Start to Hotel Distribution Post COVID-19

The days of fearing that Expedia and would dominate distribution and bankrupt hoteliers’ business were seemingly over. After gobbling up most of the other third-party distribution sites and building what appeared to be a duopoly, Expedia Group and Booking Holdings found themselves facing shrinking margins and new competition from Google and Airbnb.

But, COVID-19 and the subsequent travel shutdown has flipped hotel revenue and marketing decisions upside down. Understandably, in many cases, traditional channel-mix best practices have been tossed out the window.

Today, hoteliers grappling with the business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are faced with a difficult distribution challenge: On one hand, there is a short-term need for the revenue obtained by putting heads in beds; this is the lifeblood that keeps staffers employed and the lights on. But on the other hand, there are also long-term profitability and market value considerations, which often necessitate a more stringent distribution approach.

In this report, we examine why recovery hinges on operators remembering past lessons and remaining steadfast on optimizing distribution and channel mix.


Johnathan Capps
VP of Revenue
Charlestowne Hotels
Linda Gulrajani
VP of Revenue Strategy and Distribution
Marcus Hotels & Resorts
Abhijit Patel
VP of Marketing and Distribution Strategy and Operations
Choice Hotels
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Mike Medsker
Co-Founder and President
Focal Revenue Solutions
Dori Stein
Douglas Lisi
VP of Revenue Management
Choice Hotels
Heather Riddick
Director of Revenue Management
Long Beach Lodge Resort
Rod Jimenez
Tristan Heaword
Cindy Estis Green
Kalibri Labs

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